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Ever wonder how Margaret Stohl gets her writing mojo going? Check out her guest post on inspirations + enter to win a copy of IDOLS!
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Today we have the lovely Mary E. Pearson stopping by the blog to share her playlist for THE KISS OF DECEPTION + you can enter to win a copy!

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Watch the pilot for DELIRIUM on Hulu for a limited time! 

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The Fault in Our Stars movie is almost here! Cry my pretties! CRY! #tfios#tfiosmovie

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On 'The John Green Effect,' Contemporary Realism, and Form as a Political Act


Right now, children’s literature is seeing an intense flare-up in the ongoing conversation about the diversity crisis in children’s books. While this conversation has been going on for decades, now social media has given the people having it megaphones, and they are using them to brilliant ends….

Find out who Ava Dellaira would write to if she had the same assignment as Laurel in LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD!

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Each reading is like a little ark / Cada lectura es como una pequeña arca (ilustración de Geertje Grom)
This One Summer is one of those stories that completely transports you to that blissful summer state of mind where time seems to slow down and the world becomes simpler, full of possibility. But it is also an emotional coming-of-age story in which we see two girls, summer best friends for years, face the loss of innocence as they are on the verge of crossing into adulthood.
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Visit for the exclusive release of the first two chapters of Isla and the Happily Ever After plus an interview with myself.
Happy weekend, everyone!


Ed Sheeran’s gorgeous “All of the Stars” from the soundtrack to The Fault In Our Stars is the perfect thing to get us through the rest of Friday. 

Check out our SWEET RECKONING blog tour stop for an interview with Anna’s father & enter for a chance to win a prize pack!
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"Maybe your army comes and maybe it’s too much for us but it’s all on you. Because if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damned well sure we’ll avenge it." - Tony Stark, The Avengers

And a *Bonus* (in keeping with Marvel tradition) -

Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do - they took long enough to make. But they’re finally finished - hey, let’s celebrate with some sleep! Good evening, all. :)

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AGENT CARTER poster (x)