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In The Forest Library (by yanadhyana)
Jeff Bridges has been working on getting The Giver, Lois Lowry’s classic Newbery winning dystopian, into the theaters for well over a decade. In that time, we’ve had wildly popular YA dystopian franchises like The Hunger Games and Divergent cleaning up at the box office, and getting audiences of all ages enthralled with repressive, controlling governments and the intrepid teens who fight against them.
While those book series (and the slew of imitators that followed them) certainly owe a huge debt to Lowry’s book, the movie adaptation of The Giver ironically seems destined to sink in those book adaptations’ wake at the box office.
As a longtime fan of Lowry’s book, I am the prime audience for The Giver, and perhaps one of the most forgiving and open-minded viewers. But even to me, it felt visibly late to the game, uninspired, and almost repetitive. I wanted so badly to love it, but often found myself bored and looking for cues from my memory of the book that might signal it was about to wrap up.
The thing is, it’s not exactly the movie or the book’s fault. The story, while slightly updated from the book, is as thought-provoking as it was when I read it as a teen, the acting is spot-on, and the visuals and sets are for the most part impressive (save for a few wildly distracting blurry effects that result in more nauseating confusion than atmosphere). The overall underwhelming feeling is a timing issue. Watching The Giver in 2014 is like watching a live action performance of Mallory Ortberg’s incisive and hilarious parody of YA dystopian sameness, “It’s A Bunch of Years After The War And Everything Is Different.” Sorting/assignment/reaping day? Check. Sameness and oppression? Check. One teen who is so special and different he/she could take down the entire system? Checkity check check. SIGH.
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Alchemists: the worst camp counselors ever. #silvershadows #freesydney #teamsydrian #sydrian 
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This is such a great idea!


"This summer, I will marry the girl of my dreams in a library. Here is our Save-The-Date."

How cute is this? Library card save the dates!

ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER is almost here! To celebrate, we choose between Team Anna, Team Lola and Team Isla (and by extension, Team St. Clair, Team Cricket and Team Josh). #readisla


Happy World Cat Day! Check out our favorite fictional cats!

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The Gladers try to figure their way out of the Maze in the new MAZE RUNNER movie trailer

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We finally spotted Chuck in the new @MazeRunnerMovie trailer! #shuckyeah
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“They’re going to keep coming back until they kill us all.” - Teresa #themazerunner

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Teresa shows the guys how you deal with a griever. #mazerunner
Alby won’t let Thomas leave the Glade. #mazerunner move trailer

Our visual recap of our favorite parts from the new  MAZE RUNNER trailer
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Ever wonder how Margaret Stohl gets her writing mojo going? Check out her guest post on inspirations + enter to win a copy of IDOLS!
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Today we have the lovely Mary E. Pearson stopping by the blog to share her playlist for THE KISS OF DECEPTION + you can enter to win a copy!

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